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For smart contracts, the oracle is the source of truth.
Use our frameworks to decentralize this power.

The Vision

Catalyze the flow of information and harness the power of truth.

The Oracle Problem

Though smart contracts have incredible potential, they are blind to the world beyond the blockchain. For external information, these applications need oracles to provide them with data. Since a contract's input determines its result, the oracle involved with a smart contract ultimately has the power to decide how that contract behaves.

Where Things Stand

So far, the approaches to the so-called Oracle Problem have each fallen into one of two categories: centralized oracles (which can defeat the purpose of even doing things with a smart contract at all) and rigid oracular consensus engines, which are difficult (and expensive) to develop, use, and upgrade.

Our Vision

We are taking a different approach: rather than committing to one particular solution, we're focusing on building extensible distributed frameworks and full-fledged signaling mechanisms. With these tools, we aim to build a worldwide oracle marketplace and ecosystem, and unlock the true power of the blockchain.

Our Solutions

Distributed oracle tools and services.

Our weighted signature oracle framework Pythia provides a host of benefits, including understandable and modular oracle interfaces, intrinsic efficiency, risk and cost localization, and profound extensibility. Our custom prediction market solution, Omphalos, has also been crafted with this model in mind, and was designed to capitalize on the same advantages. The two frameworks are built around intercompatibility and synergy. Combined, they have the potential to herald an information renaissance and push us towards an ideal of ubiquitous transparency and prescience.

We consider Pythia to be the most promising distributed oracle solution envisioned to date, and Omphalos to be its killer app.
With our oracle coin (PHI) we introduce the compound token architecture.

A secure, familiar, lightweight, and efficient minimal token instance is linked to a much more flexible and feature-rich signal token implementation through a trustless token peg contract. This innovative architecture allows either token to be easily converted to its counterpart, at any time, and is designed to actualize the full range of benefits of two different token implementations into a single, flexible system.

This currently represents the most sophisticated token construct on Ethereum.
The existence of high-quality distributed oracle services will enable a wide variety of new use cases for smart contracts and blockchains. Any type of event-dependent contract execution, including price pegs, Internet-of-Things functions, DAO governance, and decentralized prediction markets would immensely benefit from the availability of practical and efficient oracle solutions.

Our platform, tools, and research will deliver tremendous value to the world by making such applications possible.
Our decentralized oracle marketplace Agora represents the culmination and synthesis of all the components of the Delphi platform into one cohesive product. Advanced oracle ranking systems and metrics (along with user-friendly tools like custom filters and search engines) will allow users to appropriately evaluate the options available to them and their smart contracts. The flexibility offered by our framework-based approach and the signaling functionality of our compound token are foundations laid specifically to bring Agora to fruition.

The Oracles of Agora will power the smart contract economy of tomorrow.


  1. Justin Hanneman

    Architect, Author     

    Justin (tridrachm) fell in love with Bitcoin years ago, and works as a full-stack developer at Factom while obsessing over (and building) blockchain tech in his spare time. At Delphi, he serves as a technical lead and the author of much of our literature.

  2. Mark Stanwyck


    Mark (dubpluris) is head of communications at Delphi, handling community management and outreach while also steering the project to keep it true to the underlying vision. Incredibly passionate, eloquent, and integrity-oriented, he oversees the public side of things.

  3. Piotr


    Piotr is a long-time engineer with a knack for looking at things from a Bird's Eye View. With Delphi, he is leveraging his experience in blockchain programming to try to bridge the old world and the new, working to link our oracle systems up with existing data service providers.

  4. Ops

    Testing, QA

    Ops is the security-obsessed lead of our QA department. Having directed a number of successful and profitable online ventures, his primary focus at Delphi is to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities before they become actual problems in contract deployments.

  5. Dodona


    Dodona keeps everything running smoothly. A long-time believer in Bitcoin and crypto, she has been working to spread the good word for years. She knows how to cut to the heart of a problem, and primarily focuses on the transition from high-level strategy to execution.

  6. Nyx

    Research, Design

    Nyx has a background in (and passion for) economics. She specializes in statistical analysis, and is spearheading Delphi research efforts. She also has an eye for presenting data, information, or really anything visual; she is a natural aesthetician.


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